Grown Up Summer Reading Program

Every summer as a kid, I looked forward to my local library's summer reading program.  I already had a love of reading but the program gave me incentive to read different genres and to just read more, in general, as there were prizes to be earned.  It's something I really miss about being a kid so that's why I started the "Grown Up Summer Reading Program."  

The 2017 Program runs from June 21st to September 22 and there's an opportunity to win prizes at three levels. 

  • Read one (1) book and receive a printable bookmark
  • Read three (3) books and receive a printable reading quote
  • Read the most books out of all challengers and receive a "Make America Read Again" Button by Strand Book Store NYC
    • There will be 2 prizes given: one for non-educators and one for educators (because those people have lots of poolside reading happening in the Summer months).

To join the group, sign in to Goodreads and join the challenge here.

Prize 1: Bookmark


Prize 2: Printable Quote (Final Quote TBD)

Prize 3: Make America Read Again Button